Cord Blood Donation

At birth the umbilical cord and the placenta are usually discarded as biological waste, however, the cord blood is very rich in stem cells which can be used to Save a Life especially that of a child.

These blood forming stem cells can be collected at delivery, matched and transfused into those who have life threatening disorders such as leukaemias, immune deficiency syndromes, aplastic anaemias and other blood diseases.

You need to discuss with and inform your obstetrician and midwife/labour team beforehand about your donation as the blood needs to be drained from the cord and placenta within a very short time at the baby’s birth in order to be useful. A specialist technician needs to be on hand in order to facilitate the collection.

Any mother between 18 and 45 years and in good health can elect to sign the medical questionnaire and consent forms in order to donate the cord blood to the Aus Cord Blood Bank when giving birth:

  • NSW: Royal Hospital for Women, Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Royal Prince Alfred, St George Private Hospital.
  • Victoria :Royal Women’s Hospital Parkville, Box Hill Hospital and Angliss Hospital.
  • Queensland: Mater Mothers’ Hospital- South Brisbane and Logan Hospital- Meadowbrook.
  • Northern Territory: Royal Darwin Hospital for Indigenous mothers only aged 16 and over.

As DNA is inherited, the likelihood of finding a match is highest within your own ethnic community.

Ethnically diverse donors are especially needed as they are underrepresented on the cord blood bank.

Kindly discuss this donation with your Doctor at your next appointment. You may also contact me or the Cord Blood Bank for further information.

Sydney Cord Blood Bank 9382 0371